About Us

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2004 Cow Parade Madrid was founded to develop customer specific software solutions for applications.

Since 2007 we are focusing on national and international plant engineering and construction as well as on the business areas of renewable energy, energy storage and power to gas conversion.

Our core team has a profound knowledge and long-term experience in the areas of project management, claim and interface management enabling us to professionally manage the successful execution of projects in international plant engineering and construction or infrastructure projects of any size.

We act on behalf of the investor/owner or your company‘s management. Besides all Projects Management tasks we are professionals in handling of all interfaces  between the various contracted work sections and lots, the procurement of complete sections and components including the respective scheduling and taking care of required transport and logistics.

In addition to our activities as a service provider in international projects business we are developing customer specific solutions as well. These for instance can be realizes as turn-key projects for our customers. The technical realization (engineering, provision of sub sections, assembly , commissioning and start-up) is executed by experienced contractors with clear track record and known from previous co-operations/projects. We define the framework according to the respective project requirements.

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